The Ontario Association of College and University Security Administrators strives to promote a safe and secure learning and working environment and to enhance the safety of persons and security of property at Ontario Colleges and Universities.  The Association will provide a forum for communication, cooperation and information exchange on all matters related to community safety and security on member campuses.

GOALS AND OBJECTIVES   To support the Association’s mission by:  

    1.  providing a forum to discuss common interests and concerns;
    2.  proactively promoting community awareness and involvement in making our campuses safe and secure;
    3. establishing and maintaining formal mechanisms for on-going sharing of information regarding policies, procedures and reports;
    4. developing and maintaining a common format for the standard reporting of occurrence statistics;
    5. reviewing legislation and regulatory developments which affect personal safety and security operations on campus;
    6. providing advice and information to appropriate organizations on safety and security matters of mutual concern; and
    7. initiating appropriate activities, such as research, reports, position statements, professional development,  establish/develop industry standards and best practices, and other programs related to campus safety and security.


Click this link to download a full PDF Version of our constitution: OACUSA Constitution